Welcome! At Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors we know that big is not always better and sometimes less can be more.  In the world of home financing we know who we are...we are a group of mortgage professionals striving for excellence in a crowded market.  We believe by educating our audience we will set ourselves apart from our competition. It is only after you are fully informed that you can make an informed decision.

When shopping for a mortgage we understand that the customer deserves three things, great service, a fair price and good advice.  Our experienced and courteous staff will make sure you receive the highest level of service.  We utilize state of the art technology for processing, underwriting and closing your mortgage.  By constantly monitoring the secondary mortgage market we are able to provide our customers the latest and most innovative mortgage products at the lowest rates available.  We correspond with the largest mortgage bankers in the country, as well as small niche bankers who you may have never heard of.  The advice we provide will have a lasting effect on our customers well after closing and we take this part very seriously.  We want you to be comfortable with your loan well after mortgage closing.

Feel free to submit a question on-line or complete an application for a loan or preapproval and one of our mortgage advisors will get back to you quickly. Thank you for your interest. 


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